Magic-Summary - (Computational Magic Platform)


If you are already familiar with using GraphQL, feel free to just follow the Quickstart Guide. Otherwise, use the instructions on this page to get started.

Getting Started

Obtaining an API Key

We have two options: you can either Contact Us to get an API Key directly from us for a fee to get usage within an agreed envelope. A self service portal is planned for relase at a later date.

The second option is to use Magic-Summary via the RapidAPI service.

Finding Code Samples

Right now, we have code samples in Javascript and Python that you can use within your code freely.

There are new languages and packages added over time, so please contact us if you are missing your language or GraphQL client package, so we can prioritise adding it, or contribute to the documentation.

Starter Projects

Starter projects are not yet ready, but will be inlcuded in the "Code Samples" Repository on Github soon.