Computational Magic - Documentation

Information about the BETA phase

Please keep in mind that Computational Magic is in early BETA phase! If you plan to use it in production, we strongly advice to reach out to the team so we can ensure an uninterupted experience for you:

Contact Us

What do we mean by 'BETA'?

We currently only implemented a very small feature set that we tested with some of our beta customers as the "minimum viable product". This means, many AI models and other features planned for the final release are not yet included. Further more, we are still standing up the underlying infrastructure. Until this is completed, this will still cause some outages during maintanance windows as well as in the case of unkown bugs that we cannot yet mitigate against. If we know your requirements, we can prioritise specific users to reduce this to a minimum, so if this is a problem, please reach out.

Subscribing to Computational Magic

There are two ways to consume Computational Magic: through the Computational Magic platform (Contact Us) and through RapidAPI.

Getting started

If you already are setup and want to get started, check out either the Quickstart Guide or the code samples below.

Code Samples