Computational Magic - Magic Speech-to-Text


Remember to change the file name and API key in the command below
curl \
-F operations='{ "query": "mutation($audioFile: Upload!){speechToText(file: $audioFile) }", "variables": { "audioFile": null } }' \
-F map='{ "audioFile": ["variables.audioFile"] }' \
-F audioFile=@AUDIO_FILE_HERE.wav \


file: WAV AUDIO FILE required: The audio file to be transcribed. The file must be in WAV format

subtitles: BOOLEAN optional: If set to true, the API will return subtitles instead of a full transcription. Default is false.

subtitlesFormat: STRING optional: If subtitles is set to true, you can choose the format of the subtitles. The options are srt or vtt. Default is vtt.